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August 23, 2021

Queen Beauty Institute- Community Give Back Day!


Happy Monday lovely Queens! It’s almost SEPTEMBER!? This summer has flown by, and we hope you’re ready for fall weather, sweaters, boots, pumpkins, and allllllll that! Maybe… cause like COVID variants are running wild, and fall & winter might be #cancelled. But hey, we might as well try to look forward to something, right? One…

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July 11, 2021

The Low-Down: Microblading in Philly!


If you’re curious what microblading is and why you should consider getting it after becoming a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist, this blog is for you. Read more to find out why getting a certificate can make you more versatile after pursuing an education in cosmetology and esthetics.

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July 6, 2021

The Nail Salon: Sanitized or Nah?


Helloooooo Queens, we hope you had an amazing weekend! Summer has ARRIVED with EXTRA HUMIDITY in the passenger seat!!!! We also wish she would’ve left the humidity at home, but y’all know how unpredictable Summer is. Can’t control that crazy gal– just gotta deal with whatever weather she brings. Thanks, Summer (but secretly we’re mad…

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June 27, 2021



QUEENS!!!!! We freakin’ L O V E letting y’all know about the $$$ that is out there to help you achieve your dreams, so today is extremely exciting for us. It should be exciting for you too!!! We’re talking Beauty Changes Lives again. They have scholarships running all year round, and here we are yet…

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June 20, 2021

Accreditation: What Does it MEAAANNNN!?


Happy Sunday Queens! Did you have a fun-filled weekend? We can’t believe Philly is actually like, open again. Dinners out, happy hours, dance parties, drunken people on the street, bar fights… what more could we ask for in our City of Sisterly Love? With COVID-19 kind of wrapping up (yes, it’s been over a year),…

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June 7, 2021

Guest Educators: Yes, please!

Guest Speake

Hi baby Queens!! We hope you’re having an amazing Monday. It’s HOT again 🙁 Do y’all know anybody with a pool!? Pls invite us!!!! We promise, we’re a lot of fun at pool parties… Anyway! Enough about us. We want to talk to you about one of the COOLEST aspects of getting your education at…

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May 23, 2021



Good afternoon Queens, it’s HOT OUTSIDE! Like dang! We couldn’t even enjoy some 70 degree weather before this SUMMER attacked!? The Earth must be real mad at us humans for ignoring climate change for so long AND taking away so much of her beauty to develop properties AND depleting her natural resources at an alarming…

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May 11, 2021



It’s the beginning of the week, Queens!!! We all know what that means… BLOG TIME! Today, we’re here to talk about LEARNING. Yas. Learning is pretty much the coolest thing ever; it makes you a powerful, well-rounded human being– it also gives you freedom to explore different levels of thinking, and even different ways of…

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May 3, 2021

Cosmetology License Requirements in Pennsylvania


Learn more about what it takes to become a licensed cosmetologist in Pennsylvania. Queen Beauty Institute is here to guide you through the beauty school process. Read more and get the education you need to start your journey!

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April 25, 2021

Cosmetology School & Business Education


Good afternoon lovely Queens. We hope you’re still shining on this cloudy day! We’ve had a really fun morning here at school; our Esthetics seniors presented their Salon Business Projects!!! Group A and Group B BOTH did incredible jobs, and our newer students got to sit in the audience to see what they’re in for…

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