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Our Mission at Queen Beauty Institute

Our mission at Queen Beauty Institute is to educate our students on a professional level so that they can achieve long-term success in the beauty industry. We help students fulfill their potential through:

  • Working with each student to understand their individual needs
  • Providing students with the necessary guidance to achieve their goals
  • Maintaining an intimate class size
  • Aiding with job Placement
  • Encouraging continued education

Our goal is simple: To educate our students on a professional level.

The Partners

Laura Le

Director of Education / Instructor – Nails & Teacher

Ms. Laura is the head of Queen Beauty Institute’s Teacher Training Program. With over 20 years of experience in the beauty supply industry, Ms. Laura has built and sustained an extensive network of beauty professionals—a network that is now available to Queen Beauty Institute’s students. Ms. Laura’s intense focus motivates students to go above and beyond their requirements. On top of that, her ideas and genuine excitement for the Institute set an example for staff to always keep growing. Her fiery spirit keeps the school moving forward, and her ambition knows no limits. Ms. Laura challenges those around her to be the best version of themselves. With determination and added encouragement, she sees to it that her challenges are met. She is thankful to be a part of an educational, growing community.

Sam Mcaleer

Creative Director / Instructor – Nails & Esthetic

Ms. Sam is the head of Queen Beauty Institute’s Nail Technology Department. Being in the beauty industry for so much of her life has given her the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. She brings a playful energy to Queen Beauty Institute, and her personality helps to add a positive and relaxed atmosphere for students to do their work. Ms. Sam allows students to learn from their mistakes, and encourages those around her to not take life so seriously. Her determination for her students’ success ensures that everything she teaches will be retained. Rather than fearing challenges, Ms. Sam embraces them as opportunities for growth, and she motivates staff and students alike to do the same. She is thankful for the opportunity to meet so many students who share her excitement for Nail Technology.

Teka Le

Administrator / Instructor

Ms. Teka makes an excellent School Administrator because of her history of salon experience, her ability to build lasting relationships, and her extensive business knowledge. Her door is open for all students and staff to resolve any issues they have, whether they be school related or personal. Her no nonsense attitude makes her an effective problem solver. Whatever the situation may be, Ms. Teka has a plan and an unmatched ability to follow through. She makes time in her busy days to help students find the greatness within themselves. Everyone leaves a conversation with Ms. Teka feeling more confident in themselves, and more capable of fulfilling their professional goals. She is thankful for the knowledge and patience she has gained at Queen Beauty Institute.

Kim Lao

Supply Manager / Instructor – Esthetics & Cosmetology

Queen Beauty Institute’s Esthetics Program is led by Ms. Kim. With over 10 years of experience in the salon industry, Ms. Kim emphasizes the importance of a thorough and accurate education. Her easygoing nature, balanced with an enormous passion for teaching, makes her extremely valuable to the esthetics program. Ms. Kim demonstrates genuine care for each and every student. She loves to learn, and continues to bring in modern product knowledge and guest educators to give students a well-rounded and one of a kind educational experience. Ms. Kim has an impressive amount of product knowledge, and she makes sure that Queen Beauty Institute has all of the materials and products necessary for student success. She is thankful for the personal growth she has experienced since working at the school.

The Teachers

Thayla Harris

Cosmetology/Natural Hair Braiding Instructor

Ms. Thayla’s extensive experiential background in the world of cosmetology and hair braiding makes her an irreplaceable addition to the teaching staff. She has been working in the industry for nearly 45 years learning products, participating in traveling shows, and she has received multiple certifications. Ms. Thayla discovered her passion for teaching when she noticed the magic of seeing her students succeed. She takes the time and care to make sure her students fully understand every lesson. Her patience and honesty allow students to feel comfortable approaching her with all questions and concerns. She is thankful for the diversity at Queen Beauty Institute.

Andrea Brown

Cosmetology/Natural Hair Braiding Instructor

Ms. Andrea has been working as a licensed cosmetologist for nearly 30 years, making her a valuable asset to Queen Beauty Institute. Being in the industry for so long gave her an insight as to what knowledge students are missing when they graduate. She is dedicated to filling that void with Queen Beauty Institute’s students. Ms. Andrea’s genuine love for teaching is apparent in the way she approaches her lessons—with excitement and positivity. She considers her students’ needs before her own, and understands how to fully prepare cosmetology graduates for future employment. Ms. Andrea is thankful for the lessons that her students teach her each day.

Najibeh Cheriza

Cosmetology/Natural Hair Braiding/Esthetic Instructor

Ms. Najibeh grew up surrounded by the world of hair and knew since she was a child that her passion lies in the beauty industry. She is licensed in Cosmetology and Teaching, and also has her associate’s degree in business administration which she has utilized successfully as a business manager. She has experience working in fashion, television, and hair shows and uses her expertise and talent to inspire students at Queen Beauty Institute. She learned in the Teacher program that teaching is much more than just relaying information, and she uses her soft skills and compassion to show students she truly cares about their success. Ms. Najibeh is always practicing patience with students when they’re learning new skills and theory, and constantly becoming a better teacher so she can be better for her students and for the school as a whole!

Annette Costello

Cosmetology/Esthetic Instructor

Ms. Annette has had her Cosmetology license for almost 40 years. Throughout the course of her studies she fell in love with Esthetic and Nails and has been practicing as an Esthetician for 22 years- she owned her own Esthetic and Nail salon for 8. Ms. Annette sees the value in learning and education and never stops learning. She’s received multiple continued education certifications, including but not limited to: lash extensions, microblading, and hydrafacial. She also works as a National Educator for Naturaverde waxing company. She loves to incorporate music into her teaching to help students remember information through song and dance. Annette is excited to continue to learn from students and staff alike at Queen Beauty Institute, and to continue making a wonderful life for her King Cavalier Mix, Buddy.

The Staff

Melissa Ferriera

Front Desk Manager

Queen Beauty Institute has been looking for a bilingual front desk manager for ages- and we finally found her! Melissa has been an incredible asset as front desk manager, and with her Spanish speaking ability, she has been able to communicate with Spanish speakers who may not know much English but still would like to pursue an education. She is the face and voice of the school, and adds a very welcoming aura to the front desk. Melissa appreciates Queen Beauty Institute’s dedication to their students, as well as working with her friendly bosses and coworkers.

Be Le

Administrative Assistant

Be attended the Teacher training program at Queen Beauty Institute and works as an administrative assistant for the school. She believes success comes from education and proper training and she is always working on her skills to find areas for improvement. Her desire to constantly improve the school shows students that their hard work never ends. She loves the hands-on practical training that students receive at the school, and appreciates the opportunities for continued education as a staff member.

Sophie McHugh

School Director

Sophie does a little bit for everyone. She brings a calming energy to Queen Beauty Institute, and focuses most of her time on making life easier for the students and the staff. Sophie loves the diversity in the building and appreciates the capable, motivated staff of professionals she is surrounded by each day. She believes that everyone at the school is learning and growing together, and is thankful to be a part of the supportive community at Queen Beauty Institute.

Heather Le

Compliance Director

Heather worked in sales and customer service before transitioning over to Queen Beauty Institute as their compliance director. She appreciates Queen Beauty Institute’s dedication to successfully teaching trade skills, which in turn allows students to flourish and sustain a happy life. As compliance director, Heather lends a helping hand to all and helps keep staff and students on track. She also keeps track of inventory for Queen Beauty Institute. Her past work experience has taught her to be flexible and diligent, which is extremely necessary in this fast paced and ever-changing environment. Heather enjoys the flexibility in her position, as it allows her to spend time taking care of and playing with her corgi, Miko!

see what our students have to say

...I’m proud to say this is the school that I attended to get to where I want to be in my career. Not only is it so hands-on but the knowledge they share on nail products and the state laws, they make sure that you get to learn them and learn the difference from how people may do it in the streets of Pennsylvania and CLEARLY show their students the right way to become a successful nail technician. I am so appreciative of this school. Queen Beauty Institute, thanks so much for helping me on beginning my journey and all the pointers I needed to start my own nail business. It’s truly appreciated!

Christine M.

Please do not hesitate to enroll into QBI. I literally started my nail tech journey here. I did not have any prior experience. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of the nail. I was able to strengthen my communication skills. I was able to broaden my vision. In addition, I’ve gained priceless connections with wonderful people.

Leslie M.

Queen Beauty Institute is the absolute best! I attended the January 2022 nail technology class and my experience was amazing from the very beginning. The teachers are amazingly knowledgeable, kind, patient, & they all care about the success of their students not only while in school but after that as well! The school is very family oriented & that made it so easy to get along with the staff, teachers & classmates…

Blanca S.

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