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November 28, 2022

Tips For Your Winter Beauty Routine

A change in the season calls for a change in your hair routine! In most places, winter brings colder and drier weather, which can have an impact on your hair. Follow these tips to keep your skin and hair looking hydrated and refreshed during these dry months!

Wash Your Hair Less

If you shampoo every day, it can dehydrate your hair. Consider switching up your washing schedule! Your hair produces essential oils to keep it hydrated, but using shampoo can strip it of these oils leaving your hair dry and brittle. If your hair tends to get greasy fast, try washing it every other day. Be sure to listen to your hair and only wash it when necessary.

Moisturize the Hair and the Skin

These cold months are the perfect time to up your moisturizing routine. A good hair mask or oil can assist in keeping your hair hydrated and really lock in moisture (these are extremely important for those of you with curly hair!). Keep the winter-frizz away by adding an oil after you apply a moisturizing product to your hair. One thing that can be extremely beneficial is booking a hair treatment on your next salon visit!

Not only does your hair need attention, but these cold months can cause your skin to be dry and flaky. It is important to exfoliate and use moisturizer everyday. Once you start using moisturizer as a part of your skincare routine, you won’t need to exfoliate as frequently. A great way to get ahead of your winter skincare is by coming in for a facial that is tailored to your skin’s needs.

Wear Your Sunscreen

Yes, you read that right! Wearing sunscreen is not just for the summer. It is essential for those days you spend out in the snow, because the sun can reflect off the white surface and cause a sunburn. Sunscreen can help you maintain your glow and protect from harmful UV rays.

Lessen the Heat

It can be very tempting to want to crank up the heat with everything, but doing this can dry out your skin and hair. Showers that are *too* hot can leave your skin feeling itchy and dehydrated, and cause your hair to be brittle and break easily. Try turning the heat down a little bit when you’re showering, and use less heat when styling your hair. Using curling irons or heat tools can damage your hair, especially when your hair is brittle from the dry weather. If you are using heat to dry your hair, try using a heat protectant spray or leave-in conditioner to help add protection.

Go Natural

Do you bleach your hair every other month? This can cause your hair to become dry or even start breaking off, which is not something you want for your hair when the climate is already stripping the moisture from it. Going with your natural color can help bring your hair back to life. Try to skip out on the bleaching sessions and go for something a little darker! Our student salon is the perfect place for you to try out this change.

Start Your Beautiful Future

Are you ready to begin your journey in the beauty industry? Whether you want to learn more about skincare or haircare, we have the perfect program for you. Contact us to get in touch with our admissions team so you can get started on doing what you love!

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