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September 12, 2022

Cosmetology vs. Hair Braiding: What’s the Difference?

There are a lot of opportunities out there for someone who has a passion for hair and the beauty industry. Are you someone who enjoys coloring and styling hair or providing skin care and nail technician services? If that’s the case, then enrolling in a cosmetology program could be a great option for you. 

However, you may have already looked into cosmetology school, but haven’t even considered a hair braiding program up until now. The main difference between a hair braiding program and a cosmetology program is that they offer different curriculums and required hours when obtaining a state license. As a cosmetology student, you can expect to learn more about haircutting, styling, coloring, manicures, pedicures, waxing, makeup, skincare and so much more. A hair braiding program is different but definitely has some similarities. Read more to learn about the difference between hair braiding and cosmetology school. 

Cosmetology vs. Hair Braiding

What Do Cosmetology Students Learn in Beauty School?

Cosmetology schools teach students how to beautify and care for hair, nails, and skincare. At Queen Beauty Institute, we offer an extensive cosmetology curriculum. Our curriculum teaches a wide range of skills, such as: 

  • Shampooing & Conditioning
  • Perms
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Shaping
  • Scalp Treatments
  • Chemical Texturizing
  • Skin Care
  • Nail Technology
  • Makeup 
  • And More!

The purpose of our cosmetology program is to prepare students to sit for the Pennsylvania state board exam. We want to guide you towards a successful future and a cosmetology program can teach you all about the newest and latest trends, as well as the important business skills you need after graduation. 

Why Choose Cosmetology School?

A cosmetology education offers a variety of opportunities for you to branch out into the world of beauty. If you don’t know where to start and feel like you have a wide range of interests when it comes to beauty, there is a lot you can choose to do. Maybe you enjoy cutting and coloring hair, but want to offer more skin or nail care services.  Cosmetologists generally choose to work for a salon, spa, or start their own business. The possibilities are endless!

Cosmetology programs take longer to complete, so you can learn all the basics of hair, skin, and nails. Our program is 1,250 hours and lasts about 53 weeks.

Cosmetology vs. Hair Braiding

What Do Hair Braiding Students Learn in Beauty School?

Do you love to braid hair and enjoy practicing box braids on friends or have become a master at managing textured hair? The cool thing about Queen Beauty Institute is that we have talented and knowledgeable instructors who can teach you everything you need to know about hair braiding! Here is what you can learn from our hair braiding curriculum: 

  • Box Braiding
  • Afro-Twist Extension
  • Spiral Rod Set
  • Weave Installment
  • Managing Textured Hair
  • Enhancing Natural Curls
  • Sculpted Cornrows
  • Loc and Groom
  • Coils & Twist Extensions
  • And More!

Keep in mind that hair braiding licensing depends on the state. In some states, you must complete a cosmetology program before you can braid hair. In Pennsylvania, you have to get your license through the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology before you can work as a hair braider. Hair braiders require at least 300 hours of training. Our hair braiding program is a 300 hour program and can last about 13 weeks. 

Why Choose Hair Braiding School?

Do you want to specialize in hair braiding and other services that the program has to offer? Hair braiding school is a great way to learn new hair styling techniques. Do what you love and stay on top of the trends during your hair braiding curriculum experience.

Another advantage is that our hair braiding program is a lot shorter than most cosmetology programs, which can be a huge benefit for some students. This means that the program costs less than cosmetology school. However, with either direction you decide to take, don’t worry about the cost. There are different options out there to help you pay for beauty school.  Scholarships are a great option to consider when paying for school and can assist you in achieving your dreams. 

Which Program is Right For You? 

Cosmetology and hair braiding programs offer different curriculums, but both generally teach about business best practices, sanitation, state laws, and professional attitude. Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between cosmetology and hair braiding, you can take the next step to further your education and prepare for your future. 

 Are you still trying to decide which program is right for you? Queen Beauty Institute has other beauty industry programs such as esthetics and nail technology. Contact our admissions team and schedule a beauty school tour at our Philadelphia campus. 

We take pride in our unique and diverse community and are excited to help you in any way we can. We are all about supporting our students in achieving their dreams and empowering them to pursue a successful career! If you have any questions, call us today to learn more!

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