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July 19, 2022

Get to Know Our Hair Braiding Program

Get to Know Our Hair Braiding Program

If you are interested in growing your skills as a cosmetologist and specializing in natural hair care, hair braiding is an essential skill to have on your resume. At Queen Beauty Institute, you can master the techniques necessary to provide braiding services to your future clients in our Hair Braiding Program. This part-time program consists of 300 hours of training over 13 weeks, emphasizing hands-on training and real world skills to prepare you to serve your clients. 

A Closer Look at Hair Braiding

Wearing braids is a way to protect natural hair from heat damage and humidity. However, braids are not just about functionality. Braids allow for a greater range of cultural and personal expression, as well as potential for high-glam looks for special occasions. In our hair braiding program, we’ll provide a deeper look at a wide range of braiding techniques, so you can master everything from neat and consistent box braids to elaborate up-dos and twists. 

Hair Braiding Program

What You’ll Learn in Our Hair Braiding Program

The Hair Braiding Program at Queen Beauty Institute covers 300 hours of curriculum, including plenty of hands-on practice to help you master your new braiding skills. Classes are held Monday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. with enrollment dates throughout the year, so you can get started as soon as the time is right for you. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect to learn in this program. 

Natural Hair Care Fundamentals

Our Hair Braiding Program is designed to prepare you to work with all hair types, including textured, natural hair. We’ll cover everything from anatomy to hair chemistry to help you fully understand how to care for your clients’ hair. Our curriculum covers hair types and structures, hair care products and chemistry, diseases of the hair and scalp, and basic styling techniques. 

Braiding Techniques

Of course, a large portion of our Hair Braiding curriculum focuses on the art of braiding. Braids are more than just a hairstyle. They’re a form of artistic self-expression. Therefore, you’ll need to master a variety of braiding and styling skills that allow you to capture the exact looks your clients want. Braiding techniques you’ll learn include box braids, cornrows, loc grooming, and weave installment. In addition, you’ll get to know techniques for enhancing natural curls, including spiral rods, coils, and twist extensions. Along with all these techniques, we’ll cover braid care and removal, so you can guide your clients to the right maintenance routines to keep their hair looking salon fresh.  

Beyond the basics, we’ll explore a wide range of styles, from formal up-dos to modern runway styles, so you are ready to bring a full suite of styling options to your clients. 

Professional Practices

We don’t just emphasize technical skills and techniques. We want to help our students fully prepare to serve their future clients, which is why we dedicate about 30 curriculum hours to professional practices. These practices include sanitation, personal presentation, marketing, salon management, client safety, and Pennsylvania state laws. 

Paying for Your Hair Braiding Education

Tuition and fees for our Hair Braiding Program total $6,950. Upon enrollment, a registration fee of $250 is necessary to hold your place in class. Your student lab kit fee of $950 is also due before your program begins. Your tuition and state testing fee, which is necessary for licensure in Pennsylvania, may be paid in total at the start of your program or weekly for the duration of your classes. Payments may be made via check, money order, credit card, debit card, or cashier’s check. We request that cash payments be limited to $1000. 

Hair Braiding Program

Why Choose Queen Beauty Institute?

Because the state of Pennsylvania does not require practical skills testing for licensure, Queen Beauty Institute strongly emphasizes hands-on learning to help you feel confident and poised once you start serving clients professionally. Along with an immersive learning environment, we provide ongoing care and support from our instructors and staff. We limit enrollment to keep class sizes small, which means more personalized attention for every student. In addition, we strive to foster an inclusive environment with an incredibly diverse student population. No matter what your background, we want you to feel welcome in our beauty school. While we are deeply committed to providing a professional education, we also know when to have fun, celebrate, and laugh together. 

Find yourself at home at Queen Beauty Institute, where we provide real world education for aspiring beauty professionals. If you are interested in our Hair Braiding Program, schedule a campus tour today. You can also fill out our pre-enrollment form to get started. Along with hair braiding, we offer programs in Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology, so you can pursue your calling in the industry.

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