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September 8, 2021

Queen Beauty Institute: Makeover Time!

Good morning Queens, and happy Wednesday! Maybe you’re feeling fresh off of a long relaxing weekend, maybe you could use a few days of rest BECAUSE of the long weekend! Either way, we’re proud of you for gettin’ up and doin’ life today. We’ll be honest, Queen Beauty Institute is in… rough shape rn. We’re torn up, we’re disorganized, we’re all over the dang place!! Normally that would be kind of uncool to admit, but this time it’s extremely cool for 2 reasons: (1) QBI is a cool school, therefore all that we say on the QBI blog is considered cool by default, and more importantly, (2) QBI is getting A MAKEOVER!!!!! The beauty industry loves those!!

It’s not technically a full makeover as in “every room in the building is getting re-done,” BUT it’s a pretty hefty enhancement to a lot of the spaces here at Queen Beauty Institute. Including the addition of an entire new multi-purpose classroom! So yeah. That’s why we’re a mess. A hot mess of a pumpkin, transforming before your eyes into a gorgeous carriage to safely transport YOU through your educational journey and into your career!!! Metaphorical AF.

To start, QBI simply needed more S P A C E. We’re growing in popularity and size (YAY!!), and we needed to make sure our students won’t be tripping over each other when class sizes increase. So, we added a large multi-purpose classroom with TONS of room for storage. This room will be used for anything and everything! Well, anything and everything that falls under students’ scope of practice, that is. Due to the increasing popularity of our Esthetic Program, we plan to have an entire wall of lockers stationed in the new room for our Esthies. This way, each program has its own set of lockers stationed in designated areas throughout the building, and students are guaranteed a secure and spacious place to put their belongings every day. Not only will our new room have secure storage areas, but also tons of floor space for holding classes, lectures, demos, and more!

Another fun addition to Queen Beauty Institute happened in the Cosmetology room! We have room for so many students now 🙂 and they’ll have room for all their practical learning. One thing so far that’s changed our world: stackable mobile desks and chairs! Using those babies turns any room into a multi-purpose room. One second we’re following a powerpoint, the next second we’re working on practical requirements. Cosmetology is a huge undertaking– it’s so important to be able to switch it up, get on your feet and out of the book, and find the joy in practical work.

Not only are we creating space for students, but for staff as well! QBI is adding a few extra offices so instructors, assistants, and administrative staff have a quiet place to work when needed. It can get super busy in the building when students are busy completing practical requirements! It’s important to have designated areas where staff claim their own space. We’re also designating a new space for shooting our extremely entertaining social media content, which we know you’re excited about!

You know how they say you shouldn’t change for anyone? Well we’re changing for you, Queens. In order to be able to accommodate all our new & upcoming students, projects, events, ideas and more, we needed some enhancements. We may be a mess right now, and that’s okay. We’re transitioning into your dream carriage, remember? Hop in and enjoy the ride Queens!

Toodles <3

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