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December 10, 2012

QBI Communication Class!

Happy Tuesday, Queens. Welcome to mid-October… when we wake up in the darkness AND drive home from work in the darkness… spo0oo0oky! Winter is coming or whatever!! But let’s not dwell, Queens, what the F are you being for halloween?? We need to know, because we’re STRUGGLING to come up with a staff costume idea. There’s not much time left until Halloween! Which also means there’s not much time left to apply for our November Hair Braiding Scholarship– but you can go ahead and read about that over here! Imagine making it through October without applying for a life-changing scholarship– THAT is SPOOKY!

Anyway, Queens, we’re not here to get toooooo haunted because our topic today requires NO fear! In fact, it requires some bravery and vulnerability– both of which struggle to make it out in the presence of fear. So open your heart and open your mind but don’t open your dang mouth until we done! KIDDING! Omg. We need to work on our Communication…
Wow. What a transition. Yes, our topic is communication today, and YES, Queen Beauty Institute works with ALL of our students on learning how to communicate effectively & efficiently with not only one another, but with everyone in their lives! It’s really wild how many of us go through life without even considering the way we communicate with others, let alone trying to decipher what others are communicating with us! You can be speaking their language, but you won’t always be making sense.

Queen Beauty Institute teaches Communication based on colors! 4 colors to be exact: Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. Different personality traits & characteristics fall under different colors, and each individual person can find the color where the majority of their traits fall. We’re not going to give you the whole lesson before you come to school, but we will give you some highlights and tell you why it’s so important.

1. Self Reflection & Awareness: QBI’s communication class requires students to turn inward and reflect on who they are and how they interact with others. This is an extremely important step in the process of learning to communicate effectively. It takes TWO to tango, Queens, and owning up to your own shortcomings will allow you to level up your communication so you can get what you want!

2. Empathy: Another important emotional skill to hone in on for effective communication is empathy– the most commonly used idiom to describe empathy is “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.” Consider their experience. Consider their life, their feelings, what may or may not be going wrong, and anything else that could contribute to the way they’re acting. Consider what color they might be, and how they could be hearing you differently than how you hear yourself.

3. Implementation: Perhaps the most important part of the lesson is how you can actually use the communication strategies you’ve learned in the real world. This means further honing in on your dominant color and figuring out how to interact with personalities with other dominant colors. Nobody’s going to fit directly into one single color, but identifying a dominant color will definitely allow you to communicate in an effective way, tailored to whoever you’re interacting with. Then you just have to practice, practice, practice!

Communication is important not only for professional growth and success, but it’s important for everyday life, Queens. Once you take our communication class, you’ll be surprised by how easily you can identify dominant traits in others and alter your communication style to “speak their language.” Queen Beauty Institute is always hooking you up with EVERYTHING you need to know to be successful in this industry– we don’t do bare minimums here. Queen Beauty Institute turns students into successful working professionals by going above and beyond with classes for business, communication, professionalism, and more. Your success is our success.

Toodles, Queens! <3

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