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what programs are offered here


(Includes Shampoo & Blowdry Style)

Haircut $10
Bangs Trim $3
Beard Trim $3
Mustache Trim $2


(Includes Shampoo)

Updo Style $30
Hot Tool Style $15
Blow Dry Style $10
Shampoo Set $10
Basic Flat Iron $20
Extensive Flat Iron (Hard Press) $30
Press and Curl $40
Hair Wrapping $20


(Starting At)

Full Face Wax $20
Eyebrow Design – Wax $10
Eyebrow Design – Tweeze $6
Nose Wax $6
Lip Wax $6
Chin Wax $6


Scalp Treatment (includes High Frequency) $15
Deep Conditioning Treatment $10


(Starting at)

All-Over-Color $40
Color Retouch $25
All-Over Lightener $45
Lightener Retouch $30
Glossing Treatment $20
Glossing Treatment (with Color Service) $10
Corrective Color (Consultation Needed) $75
Additional Color Product $5


(Starting At)

Full Highlights $50
Partial Highlights $40
Accent Foils (Each) $3
Additional Color Product $5


(Includes Haircut)

Permanent Wave $35
Spiral or Custom Perm $50
Relaxer $45
Chemical Relaxer Retouch $45
Additional Perm / Relaxer Product $5


Flash Exfoliant $20
Hand Repair $20
Age Management $20
Moisture Boost $20
Oil Control $20
Skin Smoothing $20
Men’s Gentle Exfoliant $20

  • Add-on Treatments with Facial Service:
    • Hand Repair $10
    • Eye Rescue $10
    • Lip Renewal $10


Spa Manicure $10
Gel Manicure $20
Spa Pedicure $20
Remove Gel Polish $7
Polish Change $5
Polish Change $3



Acne & Oily Skin Therapies:

  • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
  • Blue Light Acne Treatment
  • Gentle Exfoliating Facial

Sensitive Skin Therapy:

  • Sensitive Skin Facial

Anti-Aging Therapies:

  • Anti-Aging Thermal Therapy
  • Micro-Current Facial Lift
  • Red Light Stimulating Therapy


Mineral Salt Body Exfoliant Treatment $40
Back Treatment $35
Stone Therapy $30


Make-Up Application $20
Eyelash Application $10
Eyelash Tinting $15
Eyebrow Tinting $15
Eyelash Extensions $50
Eyelash Extension Fill $30


Chemical Peels:

  • Signature Face Life Solution $50
  • Lightening Lift Peel $50
  • Wrinkle Lift Peel $50
  • Ormedic Lift Solution $50
  • Acne Lift Peel $50
  • O2 Lift Peel $50

Other Resurfacing Therapies:

  • Microdermabrasion $40
  • Hand Microdermabrasion $10

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see what our students have to say

...I’m proud to say this is the school that I attended to get to where I want to be in my career. Not only is it so hands-on but the knowledge they share on nail products and the state laws, they make sure that you get to learn them and learn the difference from how people may do it in the streets of Pennsylvania and CLEARLY show their students the right way to become a successful nail technician. I am so appreciative of this school. Queen Beauty Institute, thanks so much for helping me on beginning my journey and all the pointers I needed to start my own nail business. It’s truly appreciated!

Christine M.

Please do not hesitate to enroll into QBI. I literally started my nail tech journey here. I did not have any prior experience. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of the nail. I was able to strengthen my communication skills. I was able to broaden my vision. In addition, I’ve gained priceless connections with wonderful people.

Leslie M.

Queen Beauty Institute is the absolute best! I attended the January 2022 nail technology class and my experience was amazing from the very beginning. The teachers are amazingly knowledgeable, kind, patient, & they all care about the success of their students not only while in school but after that as well! The school is very family oriented & that made it so easy to get along with the staff, teachers & classmates…

Blanca S.

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Queen Beauty Institute

6133 Colgate Street,
Philadelphia PA 19111
Call Us: 267-344-8541
Text Us: 215-300-4113

Sunday-Thursday, 9AM-5:30PM

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